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Summary: (For the phandombigbang 2014) All Dan wanted was to get drunk, really. Have a good time, meet a few new people. He didn’t really think about getting involved with someone as dangerous as Phil Lester (someone as cold, as pale and, well, as not alive), and he definitely didn’t think that one trip out to a bar would change his life forever.

Warnings: Blood, sex, references to violence, alcohol mentions (briefly) and overly sarcastic dialogue

Authors: kaleidanscope & northerndanpour

Word count: 30085 (i kNOW SHUT UP)

Art: (by the wonderful goindanswinginHERE and HERE; Beta: The spiffing AbbinioMix: (by northerndanpour and I) HERE

AO3 Mirror

Dan’s having a good night, great in fact, until he catches sight of PJ storming across the room in his direction.

Honestly, he has to repress the roll of his eyes at the sight of his best friend walking purposefully towards him. He’s probably about to receive a lecture, or be told that he’s urgently needed somewhere else (Dan’s not sure how PJ manages to always end up making his videos at the worst times possible, or why it’s Dan that he constantly pulls in as an extra), and that kind of interruption is the last thing he needs right now. Knowing that he’s probably about to be torn away from the gorgeous boy in front of him, who he’s just getting started with, is enough to make him want to throw the glass bottle in his hand at the approaching man.

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Title: The Sun, the Snow and Everything in between

Artist: manchesterday

Beta: abfabarooney

Word count: 7,151

Rating: NC-17 (Sexual themes, swearing)

Warnings: Smut (Pool smut, frottage/grinding, kissing/makeout)

Summary: A lot can happen in the span of one year, or a cycle of four seasons, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes and 31,536,000 seconds. In that common amount of time Phil met Dan at bonfire night in the fall and over the course of a year, realizes he found a person he would’ve never guessed he’d found that night.

A/N: What’s your favorite season? I quite like Fall myself. 

Also, thank you so much to abi and megan! It was a pleasure working with you guys! ^_^

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title: Writer’s Block
author: lovebuglester
incredible artist: kaz
wonderful beta: angie
word count: 12,225
rating: PG-13
warnings: swearing, death of a minor charater prior to plot timeframe, implied anxiety (though never addressed at any great length)


'it is a simple but universal truth that to love, and to be loved in return- is the best feeling it the world. But i feel it should also be noted that those lonely, or experiencing unrequited love, tend to make terribly brilliant things.'

Renowned author phil lester visits a pocket village on the outskirts of london to sign copies of his new book, where he meets bookstore clerk dan howell, who ran away to london; away from his problems and towards the now probably dashed dreams of something grand. Endings and beginnings clash with the starlight, finding both the sleepless and the dreamless.

author’s notes:  i have been trying to write this for about 4 months (the google doc is still titled with raconteur-nm lmao) so consider this my long overdue renaissance, salut mes chers!


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Artist: isthisjustphantasy art here (x) (it’s amazing )
Beta: twinkhowell
Word count: 

Warnings:Mentions of minor character death, former abuse
When Jake Howell was assigned to Phil Lester’s class, no one knew how big of an impact it would make.

Phil Lester watched as his last class filed out the door, most ready to start the weekend. There was one student that had always intrigued him, Jake Howell. Phil had met the boy’s parents, James Colburn and Dan Howell, and of course, the teacher had heard about their dramatic breakup two years ago.

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Author: phanghosties
Artist: kiroujiswonderland (art)
Beta: flammable-phillion
Word count: 5104
Rating: PG13
Warnings: tw social anxiety tw panic attacks
Summary: Phil walks into a gift shop and runs into a stranger called Dan. Phil freaks out and panics because all he ever wanted to do is talk to him. Dan calms him down and Phil wonders what’ll happen next. Then that one night, is when everything changes.
Author’s Notes: Yo, I wanted to say that none of this has no refernces to a tv show xD and also thank you for the lovely art that was made for this. Anyway, hope you enjoy c:

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Author: phanghosties (was phantastic-things)
Artist: odetofatigue (her lovely art) 
Beta: maetaurus 
Word count: 6040
Rating: PG13 possibly R
Warnings: Self Harm, Abuse, Alcohol, fighting scene
Summary: Dan and his abusive father live alone in a small apartment in Manchester. His father has been drinking since dan’s mom passed away. Dan has felt so abandoned. One day, he’ll run away from home and lead on a normal life, and that day will be today. Along the way he met this strange guy that is like Dan. Same music tastes, same sense of clothing, etc. They soon come along and spend most of their time together. Not knowing if their relationship can be more.
Author’s Notes: So this is my very first fic for the Big Bang, I’ll have to say this was very very fun and nice to make new internet friends. I don’t have much to say other than Dan and Phil do not die so don’t worry! Other than that I hope you enjoy! (/^-^)/ (btw a hue thanks for the mods, beta, and artist because you guys helped me so much c:)

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Title: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Author: vanilla-flavoured-ice-cream

Artist: brb-shelfing 

Betas: ilovebooks-forevermerlyarf and my sister Leah who doesn’t have a tumblr ( I love you guys so much)

Word count: 6414

Rating: PG-13 

Warnings: Blood, swearing, anxiety, mentions of killing, death (kind of) abuse/manipulation, a little violence (I’m making it sound like an abusive relationship fic somehow along with the summary down below, it isn’t omg because my friend thought so but I’m tagging the last few just in case)

Summary: For a century now, humans had known vampires existed, and they now lived peacefully together. The vampires still liked their privacy though. A few made friends or even had relationships with humans, but those were few and far between; they were rare and special things.  Phil Lester was one of those few people who had a relationship with a vampire.  He was about to find out that his relationship had hidden consequences though.

Author notes: I’m not sure how I feel about this writing of mine, I think it turned out a bit wonky, but I’m still proud of it regardless! I can usually barely write more than 1k for something so over 6k is awesome for me! :) Thank you Emilie and all my other friends for motivation <3

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Renegade | MASTERPOST | Phandom Big Bang

Author: awesomesockes
Beta: realityisnoplacetolive
Artist: project-library | ART: X | X

Summary: It’s World War 2. Phil, a young German soldier, is stationed in Denmark. There he meets Dan - a rebellious Danish school boy who is intent on making his job hell. But before long, they realise they have more in common than they’d have thought. How do you hide a friendship when you come from two different sides of a war?

A/N: Jesus fucking christ this fic has been a problem child.. Like seriously. So I really, really hope you like it! ^^ omg
Also I didn’t live in the 1940’s.. This is pure fiction.
 Fluff, angst, forbidden love, relationship development.
War, violence, homophobia, death, alcohol.
Rating: PG-13/R.
 Point of view changes from chapter to chapter.

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Epilogue (coming)


(Or: In which Dan and Phil get a cat.)

Disclaimer: These fictional characters are based on real people. I do not claim to know them, nor do I cast aspersions on them.
Wordcount: 7662
Warnings: Animal injury/death (not the cat!), very mild body image issues, societal pressures against everything which isn’t the perfect romantic/heterosexual love story.
AN: Thank you very much to my beta adoringphil and artist moreorlester, and to silverluminosity for suggesting the title. This is likely my last fic for the phandom, so I figured it was probably time to write that kitten!fic I’ve been promising for two years, right? :P It’s been real, phandom. More details as to my departure here, but for now, click here to view Sam’s incredible art (also embedded below), and enjoy the story.


Quite how they talked each other into getting a cat, neither was entirely sure.

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